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Modified Schedule

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After the deciding to finalize the proposition of a modified block schedule, the student body and teachers will have to adjust to the changes that will be put in place next school year.

Presently, staff and students use a traditional block schedule, which has classes meeting every other day for 90 minutes. The modified block has first and eighth period meeting every day for 60 minutes, while periods 2-7 will still be 90 minutes every other day.

“There will be growing pains, but it gives kids opportunities,” Principal David Denning said. “It will be a shift but looking at what needs to be done it is the best solution.”

Teachers also feel the new schedule will take some time to learn and adjust to and that flexibility is the name of the game, social studies teacher Kyle Norwood said.

“Any changes in the schedule will initially generate some angst and there will be a period of adjustment that will vary among teachers and between departments,” he said. “One thing I have learned about this profession is to be flexible. Change is inevitable, so be prepared.”

The schedule has an impact on the way that students will be planning their schedules for next year, student Kamry Pearson said. She said she is not looking forward to having to adjust to the changes her senior year.

“I was not expecting there to be a schedule change next year,” she said. “I will definitely have to consider the changes during arena scheduling so I can get my schedule to where it doesn’t seem like a big change has taken place.”

Teachers will have to approach the way that they teach their classes as they make adjustments during the transition.

“Daily, there will be some adjustments in terms of pacing the week’s schedule,” Norwood said. “If I have, for example, first and eighth period conference I will be a little more rushed in getting things done for that day. On the other hand, if I am teaching those periods I will need to be more mindful of pacing so I can stay aligned with periods 2-7. By the end of the week, however, all periods should be aligned.”

Despite many not being in favor of the new schedule, Denning said he believes the new schedule will be beneficial for all students.

“The goal is to help all of our students,” he said. “It will help people that are double blocked, and it will also provide kids with different opportunities to take additional classes if they want to. The goal is to make class sizes smaller and give us some more flexibility.”

The schedule is a combination between the 8 period schedule and the block schedule, therefore it won’t be much different, Denning said.

“I think the big difference is first and eighth periods, which are shorter during the day and longer each week,” he said. “We will be intentional in what classes we include those periods.”

The reason the district felt the need to adjust the high school schedule was to help benefit of the students.

“When we were looking we looked at what could help us,” Denning said. “We started researching and think that it will help. Allen and Keller high schools have this schedule and Coppell is moving to it. It will also add 25 more sections of classes across the school, so we think that it will be successful.”

Norwood said he does not know to what extent the new schedule will affect all students and teachers, and that it is difficult to keep everyone continually happy.

“One thing I have learned in life is that life is not always fair,” he said. “I am for anything that will benefit students.”

Students will all be affected by the schedule, but many it will be in a positive way.

“I hope that it will be beneficial for us students,” Pearson said. “It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and how long it will take the school to get used to the differences.”

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Modified Schedule