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New Schedule

School schedule changes to modified block next year

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To allow students enrolled in double-blocked classes to take more courses and for coaches to teach an additional academic class, the district voted to change the high school schedule for next year to a modified block with students attending first and eighth daily for 60 minutes.

The school district should not move forward with the new schedule change for next year because teachers will have to prepare multiple lessons for the same class, students do not have the same amount of time for classes and before and after school releases will be significantly shorter.

Currently teachers only have to prepare one lesson plan for multiple section of the same class, but next year they may have to create separate lesson plans for the same course depending on what period that class meets. Teachers already spend countless hours grading papers, creating lessons and preparing for tests. They should not have to create multiple lesson plans because of the potential to teach the same class with differing lengths. When teachers have to take more time to create extra lesson plans, they will also lose valuable time to work with their students who need help or spend time with their families. It is a nuisance and a waste of time for teachers.

While the district argues that having two class periods every day for an hour each allows students more time to learn, this is not the case because 60 minutes is not a sufficient amount of time for students to learn certain concepts. Depending on a student’s schedule, there could be one student who has AP Government or Economics first period and another student second period. While the students who have the class first period would have the class every day, they would be unable to have as many lengthy class discussions about the concepts as the student who met second period. The same is true for other students who have AP classes, or any class for that matter, that meet during these periods.

Under the current block schedule a senior is permitted to take two senior release classes. They can choose two out of options: first, fourth, fifth, or eighth period. This allows them to go to work or other appointments during this time without accruing any absences. This is helpful not only with exemptions, but it also permits students to work more throughout the week and still get all schoolwork or other activities done. Some students will have to help pay for college, and if the school shortens the senior releases, they may be taking away the amount of time a student could spend at work earning money.

Instead of changing the schedule to allow students to take more classes, the district should instead have students stay after or come before school to compensate for time lost if they were to single-block those courses

The district should not change the school schedule because it would inconvenience teachers, students would not have enough time to learn and senior release would be negatively affected.

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New Schedule