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Parking Problems

Students Forced to Park CTMS

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After the school decided to build the multi-purpose athletic facility in the student parking lot, student drivers without an assigned parking space are required to park in the CTMS parking lot until the facility is completed in 2018.

The School must release students who have parked in CTMS before those who have not to help the flow of after-school traffic, keep students safe and give students more time to reach their home.

Since most students now must walk back to their cars in the CTMS parking lot, students have begun using both exits and an entrance in the CTMS parking lot to exit it quicker. This causes the cars in the lineup from the GHS parking lot to stop and let in students from three different exit points instead of just one. The middle entrance to the CTMS parking lot should not even be used as an exit, since it is only to be used as an entrance. The flow of traffic also becomes a problem for parents who have children at CTMS because now they have a harder time picking up their students from after-school practice. If students who parked in CTMS were allowed to leave sooner, the traffic situation would not be as bad because students would be leaving the CTMS parking lot the same time students who parked in the GHS parking lot were leaving, allowing traffic to move more smoothly.

The school has made a walkway and crosswalks to help students walk back to their cars at CTMS, but students are unable to safely get to these features because student drivers who have parked in the student parking lot and who leave campus do not stop to let students cross the road. Multiple instances are occurring where a student driving is honking at and yelling at students who are trying to cross, causing disputes between the student driving the car and the students being honked at. Some students do not even use the crosswalks and instead cross at any part of the road, further putting them in harm’s way and angering any driver they cross in front of. Students would avoid accidents and not be put in situations where they could be hit by a car when they leave the school nor would student drivers be more likely to hit someone.

If a student parks at CTMS, it will take them roughly 5-10 extra minutes to walk to their car than if they had parked in the GHS parking lot. That means student drivers will have to add an extra 5-10 minutes to their commute time home. Then on top of that, when students get stuck in traffic while they are attempting to exit the parking lot they could be forced to wait and extra 5-10 minutes. That is an extra 10-20 minutes. This extra time, while it may seem small, is actually enough to frustrate students which causes them to drive more recklessly and J walk just to try and save some time getting to their car, and ultimately home.

If the District is worried students will lose time from classes, one minute can be taken from each passing period and added to the last class of the day to be used to allow students who parked at CTMS to walk back to their cars.

The School must allow students who park at CTMS to be dismissed a few minutes early to walk back to their cars to help the flow of traffic after school and create better safety.

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Parking Problems