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The Final Copy

Yearbook reaches final deadline

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After months of working on the yearbook, the deadline loomed closer than ever. The yearbook staff members zipped around the room collecting information, taking notes and collaborating to get the 100th yearbook edition done in time. Yearbook adviser Jillian Rooney stepped up to the plate to get everyone in gear. She was confident the yearbook would be done by its due date.

Rooney worked relentlessly to make final corrections, manage people, manage the yearbook money and set up the printing of the yearbook to have the book available for distribution during the week of May 16.

“It has been stressful because there are thousands of moving parts to create this project,” Rooney said. “We rely heavily on the human factor, so sometimes it is difficult to get others to help us in a timely fashion to meet deadlines.”

This yearbook has a special quality because of its unique theme that is unlike any other made.

“This yearbook is our one hundredth year of making yearbooks,” Rooney said. “It is rare in yearbooking to have such a landmark edition. We are excited to share this with the student body.”

Secondary coverage editor Nicole Richard has a different outlook on how the stress has impacted her.

“It has not been stressful for the most part,” she said. “The only really stressful thing I’ve dealt with is my Mr. Mustang page because the deadline was a day before the actual performance.”

Yearbook staff member Ashley Baez also said the project has been a hard one.

“[It has been] extremely [stressful],” she said. “It has really just been trying to get all the information from the students and waiting for people to get back to you.”

The final product is a mystery to staff and students alike, no one can be sure what the physical copy may look like prior to publication.

“It is always very difficult to get a grip on what the final product will look like,” Rooney said. “We only see the yearbook in its entirety two weeks before the student body.”

As Baez’s first year on staff, this will be the first year she will see the book as a product of her work. Staff members also wait with anticipation to see how it all comes together.

“Since I’ve never been on staff before, I am excited to see the final product,” Baez said. “Just seeing all our hard work being put together will be the best part.”

Reaching deadlines has always been challenging, Rooney said, but this year’s staff met all deadlines and worked well as a team.

“It was awesome to see how our editors stepped up to help younger staff members reach their goals,” she said. “Achieving deadline completion is always a challenge, but they did a great job this year.”

According to Rooney, all members collaborate and work well together, which helps the classroom run smoothly.

“For the first time in many years I have 20 students, all of whom work hard toward the goal,” Rooney said. “Therefore it has been a relatively smooth year of production.”

Rooney’s hard work and dedication has not gone unnoted by the staff, Baez said.

“Ms. Rooney is always there when you need it,” she said. “She is always willing to help. It has been an honor getting to work with her.”

As yearbook advisor, Rooney has edited, rephrased and read through the yearbook countless times.

“It is nearly impossible to have an error-free publication, but we try our hardest,” she said. “I only look at the final book once and then never look back at it.”

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The Final Copy