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Valencic twins become both Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Tine and Miha Valencic

Tine and Miha Valencic

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With the literature AP test finally over with, students sat on the edge of their seats while anticipating the announcement of the top 10% along with who the Valedictorian and Salutatorian would be. Looking at each other smiling with pure joy the Valencic twins  excitedly listened as the school announces them Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

After the rare occurrence of twins becoming Val and Sal of their class, the Valencic’s will both give speeches at the senior 2016 graduation ceremony in (place where graduation ceremony is) on Thursday.

“Becoming Val was an honor and validated my hard work for the past four years.”  Tine said.

To become Val and Sal Tine said they had to study and work hard for the past four years.

“ [We] had to work hard and study for every class over four years while challenging [ourselves]  with AP classes,” Tine said. “This year, more than ever before, [we’ve also had] learned to resist senioritis and continue to work while others lost motivation.”

Miha said they are ecstatic to have reached their goal of being both Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

“[We] were really happy because it is really rare twins are salutatorian and valedictorian,” Miha said. “This is what we wanted to achieve when we started high school and now we have done it.”

    Both Valencic’s have decided to attended the same college: the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) together.

    “It’s nice to be going to the same school as my brother because we’ll have someone we know with us out in California,” Tine said.

While both twins will will major in science at Caltech Miha will major in Chemical Engineering and Tine Physics.

“ I plan to major in chemical engineering because I really enjoy chemistry and math,” Miha said. “There are also several fields I could go into with this degree including renewable energy”

The twins credit not only their teachers with their success in school, but their parents as well.

          “The biggest influence on me have been my parents,” Miha said. “I look up to them and they are my inspiration.”

The Valencic’s are grateful for the school and it’s teachers because they have helped prepared them for their studies in college.

          “GHS has done a great job of preparing me to pursue a degree in the hard sciences by offering advanced math and science courses.” Tine said.

Despite their eagerness to begin college and the next chapter of their life the twins said they will miss GHS.

“I have spent four years with the people here,” Miha said. “I will miss the school spirit and the school itself as well.”

Having personally taught them, Calculous teacher Lori Cleveland said they will be successful in college.

“I think they will continue to push each other, and grow closer together through support especially being so far from home, yet they will find out who they are individually as well,” She said. “They will be incredibly successful in all they do and will accomplish what they set out to accomplish.”

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