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Killing It On The Court

Volleyball Dominates this Season

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Today the volleyball teams will play Richland at the WG Thomas Coliseum in Halton City.

“We’re doing pretty good,” freshman team member Katelyn Shankle said. “We’ve won most of our games and are undefeated in district.”

The team has prepared since the spring for this season during two-a-days, working on defense and learning a new offense.

“The nice thing about this team is that they can make changes quickly and make changes in games well,” Head Coach Whitney Woody said.  “It’s been easy to keep molding the team and they’ve been real good at accepting those changes and adapting.”

The coaches want the girls to have success on and off the court, Woody said.

“Goal wise as far as on the court and success for the season, we want to have a long run in the playoffs,” she said. “I also want these girls to remember why they started playing and really enjoy the game.”

The team has a strength that sets them apart from other teams, junior Paiton Broussard said.

“Definitely our offense (is really good),” she said. “We have a lot of really good hitters.”

However, the dynamic of the team has changed because of seniors graduating last year, senior Hannah Merrick said.

“We lost two very important components to our team,” she said. “But I think we have the right people to fill their shoes.”

What motivates some of the girls to keep coming back to the team is not only the sport, but also the social aspect..

“My friends at the time were doing it,” sophomore Zoë Gehler said. “I didn’t want to feel left out, and I wasn’t doing any other sport, so I joined.”

The sport is not the only reason girls come back year after year, Broussard said.

“I love playing with my team,” she said. “They’re all really nice and I’m good friends with them.”

The team is also a mix of different types of personalities, Woody said.

“We have some that are mentally and physically tough,” she said. “We have others who are also tough, but have a little more of a sensitive side. What’s really cool (is) that we’ve found a way to really blend those personalities.”

Hoping those personalities show up, players are looking forward to the rivalry game, Broussard said.

“I’m most excited to play Colleyville again,” she said. “(Last year) in the end we just kind of fell apart. This year we’ll do better.”

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Killing It On The Court